Inspire Launch Grow Finalists Announced

We received a record level of applications this year from a diverse and impressive group of aspiring entrepreneurs. We are pleased to announce that we have now susses fully shortlisted the finalists for the Innovation Cup and the Enterprise Award.

This group of teams and individuals will pitch against each other at an exciting event on the 11th of June, which will be followed up by an awards ceremony announcing the winners of this years Innovation Cup and Enterprise Award.

We would be delighted if you would join us for the event. You can register using the links below.

The finalists competing for this year’s top prizes are:

Innovation Cup:

Enterprise Award:

Alexander Enoch

School of Informatics


Pavel Mihaylov,

School of Engineering

Paul Ardin,
Dr Michael Mangan

School of Informatics


Hannah Dimsdale,
Arthur Dimsdale,
Christopher Sladdin

Edinburgh College of Art,
Business School

Prof Asif Usmani, 
Liming Jiang
Payam Khazaienejad

School of Engineering


Phillip Bruner,
Chris Nater,
Daniel O’Dor,
Koen Wessels,
Darius Tolkien-Spurr,

School of GeoSciences,
School of Computer Science

Juan Pablo Echenique,
Dr. Markus Mueller,

School of Engineering


Oonagh Mannix,
Helen Williams,

School of Chemistry,
School of Informatics

Richard Walker

School of Engineering


Adam Bennett

School of Chemistry

Andrew Herbert

School of Chemistry

Andrew Harkins

School of Engineering

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EIE 2015 Features big potential for University of Edinburgh Start-ups

EIE15Ten University of Edinburgh life science companies and tech start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch their businesses at Engage Invest Exploit 15 (EIE15) – Scotland’s leading investor showcase on 14th May 2015.

With over 160 investors from Scotland, the UK, Europe, Asia and America coming to EIE15, the event is a unique opportunity to reach high-calibre venture capitalists and renowned industry experts. Among the 60 finalists are some of Edinburgh University’s most promising university start-ups and spin-out companies. These academic entrepreneurs are eager to take their businesses to the next stage, but at EIE15 they need to pitch and prove that they are investor-ready.

The Companies

Medicen Devise has developed a catheter attachment called Steriderm that maintains a sterile wound site, which helps prevent infections and could potentially save thousands of lives per year and decrease healthcare costs. Since winning the E-Club Santander Pitching competition back in 2011, founder and former Biomedical Engineering student, Kajika Bansal, won the LAUNCH.ed Innovation Cup and became Enterprise Fellow at the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2013.

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Come Celebrate: Inspire Launch Grow Awards

Inspire Launch Grow 2015 will be even bigger and even more enterprising

11th of June 2015
5:45pm, ECCI
Register to attend the awards ceremony
Register to attend the pitching event

The Inspire Launch Grow, Awards for Enterprise is an event to showcase the first class entrepreneurial talent across the student and staff population of the University of Edinburgh. Twelve Finalists will compete for £14,000 worth of prize money and additional in-kind support from industry partners.
The event takes place with two parts the Pitching Event and the Awards Ceremony. You are invited to join us for both or just one section. Please use the links above to register.
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SIE Student Enterprise Summit 2015

The SIE Student Enterprise Summit is one of the key events in the Scottish start-up scene. Over 300 delegates came together at the Assembly Rooms to celebrate future entrepreneurs at universities across Scotland.

SIE Logo

The 2015 SIE Student Enterprise Summit was a day packed with interesting talks and first-hand insights into some of Scotland’s most promising start-ups. More than £21,000 were awarded to up and coming businesses as part of the SIE Fresh Ideas and New Ventures competitions. A seat in the front row? Reserved for the very best student entrepreneurs from all Scottish universities, who earned their place after pitching their business ideas before a jury of experts.

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by Jan Gobrecht

Substance is an awkward word. We might think about subsistence in the first place, or maybe permanence – the idea of leaving something behind us that will outlive our own existence. But before I get ahead of myself or way too metaphysical: for me, the desire to create something with substance seems to be the driving force behind a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Thinking about Entrepreneurship

Christopher Sladdin’s The Startup Interviews series was hugely successful in Edinburgh and inspired me to write this post. Most of Christopher’s interview partners come from the university startup and spin-out scene. In his recent summary of his first chunk of interviews, one headline really caught my attention: “Learning from the New Generation“. This is captivating.

Having spent more than a year at LAUNCH.ed, I can only say that things aren’t pacing down – in a very positive way. Year after year, more students decide to start a business. Everyday, you approach us with exciting ideas, and we do everything to support you in the best way possible. At the same time, we are constantly surrounded by innovation and creativity. We learn from you in the same way you learn from us.

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