Are you a Wantrepreneur?

One of the best times to develop a business idea is while you are at university. Do you have an excellent idea for a business but can’t quite seem to take the steps to get it into action? If so, you may be a wantrepreneur. To be honest it takes more than a great idea, an idea is just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the biggest misconceptions is most people think that they need to reinvent the wheel with a new idea. Your idea does not need to be unique, however, it does need to be something you can act on today. Read on to find out how to go from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur… 

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University of Edinburgh Alumni wins £10,000

Kanika Bansal, CEO of and Founder of Medicen Devise, recently won second place in the postgraduate category of the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards Competition and netted herself a £10,000 prize! To read all about Kanika’s win and to see all of the winners, check here.

Kanika has an impressive list of competition wins under her belt, but she started with a great idea and a £500 win back in 2011. Since then, Medicen Devise has grown by leaps and bounds! To find out more about how Kanika used competitions to fund her startup, keep reading! Read more >

Lightening Talks at the E-Club

Last week we attended lightening talks at the E-Club and were very inspired by what the four entrepreneurs had to say! Each Entrepreneur gave a lightning talk about their business and journey so far. They then shared some golden advice for other entrepreneurs. The main themes were relationships, communication and networking. Choosing the right people to work with is key. Communicating your ideas and vision well is essential. Talking about your idea can help you create connections and develop your business plan.

Some of our favourite bits of advice below…

Varun Nair – Two Big Ears Liita Naukushu - Kalitasha : David Hunter – Shotscope  Javita Narang – Weaving Destinations

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Art in unusual places…

Anne Header

Santander Intern – Anne Rushing – Pop Up Scotland

This summer we are lucky enough to have four inspiring interns! Thanks to Santander Universities programme we are able to offer them space and pay them to work on their own idea. Throughout the summer we will have a chance to catch up with each of them – first is Anne. Read more >

Product Forge Hackathon 2014!!!

Hackathon 2014Every student has probably gone through exam and revision marathons before. But building a business from scratch within three days – that was the challenge of the Product Forge Hackathon 2014, part of Crossover Edinburgh 2014. Crossing disciplines and cultures, Crossover wants to bring together the best people from different backgrounds to work on innovative technology products. Between the 6th and 8th June 2014, student entrepreneurs, designers and developers from Edinburgh universities came together at Assembly Roxy to change the way we learn today.

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